Pasculli can be purchased from me or online from Oboe Classics.

The Music and the Performers:

Pasculli is widely regarded as one of the outstanding oboists of the 19th-century, an extraordinary virtuoso who composed a significant number of technically challenging works for the instrument.

Christopher Redgate (oboe) Stephen Robbings (piano)

The Music

Pasculli: Characteristic Study - Le Api (The Bees)

Pasculli: Grand Concerto on themes from I Vespri Siciliani by Verdi

Pasculli: Fantasia on themes from Les Huguenots by Meyerbeer

Pasculli: Concerto on themes from La Favorita by Donizetti

Pasculli: Fantasia on themes from Poliuto by Donizetti

The Oboe Classics website also includes an article that I have written about learning the music of Pasculli .