Lost Lands: The Music of Michael Finnissy

Lost Lands can be purchased from me or online from Metier/ Divine Art.

The music and the performers:

Michael Finnissy is one of Britains finest contemporary composers. Fortunatly for oboists he has written a substantial number of fabulous works for the oboe. Lost Lands includes a number of these works.

Christopher Redgate (oboes) Julian Warburton (percussion)
Members of Topologies.

The Music:

Works for oboe:
Michael Finnissy: Runnin’ Wild (solo oboe) 

Michael Finnissy: Moon’s Goin’ Down (solo oboe)

Michael Finnissy: Dilok (oboe and Percussion)

Michael Finnissy: Delal (oboe and Percussion)

Other works on the disk:
Michael Finnissy: Kulamen Dilan
Michael Finnissy: Kerolylu (also includes oboe)
Michael Finnissy: Lost lands