Greatest Hits of All Time

 Greatest Hits of All Time can be purchased direct from me or from the Divine Art/ Metier online store.

The music and the performers:

The combination of oboe and string quartet or trio has a long history with a resurgence of compositions from the 20th-century. This CD includes four works for oboe and string quartet each of which treats the combination in different ways, producing some remarkable music. Along side these works are two works by Michael Finnissy for oboe and ensemble and a second work from Roger Redgate for oboe and percussion. 

The works are performed by Christopher Redgate (oboes), The Kreutzer Quartet and Ensemble Exposé conducted by Roger Redgate.

Michael Finnissy - All Time Greatest Hits
Michael Finnissy - Ceci n’est pas une Forme
Christopher Fox - Quintet

James Clarke - Quintet

Roger Redgate - Quintet
Roger Redgate - Éperons

Howard Skempton - Garland for oboe and string trio