Electrifying Oboe

Electrifying Oboe can be purchased direct from me or from the Divine Art/ Metier online store.

This is a CD of music which combines the oboe with different forms of live electronics; from pre-recorded cor anglais through to a turntable player. Just one work does not include electronics: Gorton’s Schmetterlingspiel. Improvisation at different levels also plays a significant role and that is why, on this double CD set, two works are repeated - the two performances are significantly different from each other.

Christopher Redgate, Ensemble Exposé, Matt Wright Milton Mermikides

Roger Redgate: Concerto for Improvising Soloist and Two Ensembles (version 1)
David Gorton:   Erinnerungspiel
Christopher Fox: Headlong
Michael Young: oboe_prosthesis (version 1)
Edwin Roxburgh: At the still point of the turning world
David Gorton: Schmetterlingspiel
Christopher Fox: Broadway Boogie
Matthew Wright: English Landscape Painting
Michael Young: oboe_prosthesis (version 2)
Roger Redgate: concerto for improvising Soloist and Two Ensembles (version 2)

Samples from the recording can be heard here under the Track Listing tab.

A brief sample can be heard here on The Divine Art Records YouTube Channel.