Christopher Redgate and the Howarth-Redgate Oboe


Welcome to the 21st Century Oboe web pages. I have had to, temporarily, take down my web page and am in the process of building a new one. This will be the home page. I will be including all of my old material alongside a substantial amount of new information. I am sorry for any problems this may cause. If you are looking for information about contemporary oboe playing in a hurry please do email me. 

NEW! On this page:
A video performance of Paul Archbold's Zechstein for Howarth Redgate oboe.

The premiere performance of Michael Finnissy's  Âwâz-e Niyâz


The Premiere performance of Nigel McBride's uncompromisingness with which dogma is held

Multiphonic Mobile

I developed a mobile as an aid to improvisation using multiphonics for Huddersfield University's Divergence Press. The performance can be seen below and an article about it can be seen by following this link: Multiphonic Mobile article.