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Christopher Redgate

Christopher Redgate and the Howarth-Redgate Oboe

I have recently begun to develop a blog site to work alongside these web pages - this can be found here.
Some time ago Paul Archbold and I began to develop a sophisticated method for the notation of multiphonics. At the time we wrote an article discussing the new system: this article is now available here.

As a result of a recent call for works from Austrian or Austrian based composers, as part of an Austrian Cultural Forum initiative, 12 compositions were submitted of which I will perform four at a concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum London. Also included in the programme are new works by Fitch and Rusconi alongside works by Telemann. 
Concert details can be found here: 
Austrian Cultural Forum

Three clips from a conversation with Brian Ferneyhough about his Schatten aus Wasser und Stein for oboe and string quartet can be heard here.

The premiere performance of Michael Finnissy's Âwâz-e Niyâz for oboe doubling lupophon and piano: 
performed by Christopher Redgate and Michael Finnissy can now be seen here.

New double CDs now available: Electrifying Oboe


Listen: The premiere performance of David Gorton's Austerity Measures II with the Kreutzer Quartet.

The site also includes a great deal of important information for oboists and composers of a more general nature covering many of the contemporary oboe's techniques and sounds. Composer Basics has foundational information for composers about writing for the oboe today while many of the other sections give more in-depth information concerning the techniques: lists of fingerings, discussion about multiphonic notation etc.

The Video page has brief demonstration videos of the techniques - many of which can also be found in the relevant sections

I am planning some research into the design of oboe staples (tubes) and I would like to hear from oboists any thoughts they may have about the following questions (or any other thoughts about them that may be pertinent!)

1. Do you have a favourite make of staple? what is it and why?
2. What length staple do you use?
3. Do you have particular staples that you return to again and again and if so why?

The information on this site and the research offered, including the re-designed oboe was created as part of my Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellowship: 21st-Century Oboe which I held at the Royal Academy of Music, London from 2009-2012. 

I am now The Evelyn Barbirolli Research Fellow at the Royal Academy of Music. Details of my professional performing work can be found at:  www.christopherredgate.co.uk.


I can also be found on Twitter .

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Christopher Redgate performing his Multiphonia at the launch of the new oboe. 




The Howarth-Redgate Oboe.
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Photo: Howarth of London